Cosmedical Equipment

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MTM 400s

This machine combines 4 well known tried and tested technologies into 1 space saving piece of equipment;

SHR & E-Light, RF, ND-yag Laser.

Housed in an aesthetically pleasing powder coated aluminium case for professional use this one piece of equipment will treat multiple needs of multiple clients without taking up several rooms in your premises. Has this capacity for treatment;

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Vascular & Rosacea reduction
  • Pigmentation & age spot removal
  • Carbon skin rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal

Improved technology and best training methods allow clients to undergo less treatment sessions with reduced discomfort. This reduces cost, improves profit and encourages clients to have treatments they would previously have not considered. Tattoo clients especially enjoy a massive benefit with complete removal happening in as few as 3 sessions. Utilizing the best quality European laser rods reduce equipment servicing requirements and downtime, guarantees results and improves profitability.

This machine can easily earn its purchase price within a couple of months. All machines come with set up and installation, full onsite training, staff certification and inclusion on the register of correctly trained staff.

MTC 600s

The latest upgrade in HIFU equipment, this machine had 3D technology which outperforms the old single line HIFU by 10 times.

3D outlines the boundaries that the operator has the capability to alter, we can change the number of lines and length of the line to suit the treatment area, also with new heads the treatment depth can be facilitated up to 18mm giving more treatment options other than just face.

Full range of treatments include ;

  • Facelift
  • Face & necklift
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms

This well researched and proven treatment has been utilised for various medical treatments since the 1970’s and is now a realistic option for clients who feel they would benefit from a traditional facelift but cannot afford either the time or cost associated with the procedure. Maybe they are not a suitable candidate for medical reasons. All these objections can be sidestepped when they choose HIFU for facelifting, each treatment takes only around 1 hour. There is no scarring, no swelling and no downtime. A one off treatment is required with some immediate results noticeable, full results seen ay 90 days.

Each session can easily take 5 years off the clients visible age and results are expected to last 2- 5 years depending on clients lifestyle.

This machine can easily earn it purchase price by the end of the first month. All machines come with set up and installation, full onsite training, staff certification and inclusion on the register of correctly trained staff.

MTC 300a

A more lightweight version of the C600s.

A table top version with face & neck treatment capabilities only .

Great for smaller salons as a starting point.

MTV 200s

This equipment is designed specifically with women in mind. Dual heads allow for specific targeting of fine wrinkles with only single line capability. The main function is with use of the wand for vaginal tightening. This can help improve sexual function, enjoyment & incontinence issues ( when used in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises ).

This is a great treatment option for post childbearing women and sex workers where muscle laxity can become a problem. Treatments can be done annually if required but suggested is 2-5 years for normal use.