5 Easy Ways To Achieve Flawless Skin

26 March 2020

You don’t need to move into the spa or have to empty your bank account to buy products, and you don’t have to change your skincare routine to achieve smooth skin and a healthy complexion. Here, we’ve provided you with tried-and-tested hacks to achieve perfect skin.

1). Exfoliate

Like peeling paint on a wall, old, dead skin cells can make even the smoothest skin appear un-lustrous and dull. Dull skin is often the outcome of the build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliating can help take care of the dead cells and brighten your skin.

2). Retinoids

Unevenness is another primary cause of a dull complexion. Retinols and other forms of vitamin A (retinoids) are a popular option among dermatologists. This is because they play a vital role in speeding up the skin’s process of sloughing away old and dead skin cells and replacing them with new ones. Faster skin cell turnover has several benefits, including more collagen (the substance that keeps your skin glowing, firm, tight and young), smoother skin texture, and reduced fine lines.

3). Vitamin C

Perhaps the most effective way to achieve bright skin and get rid of skin pigmentation issues is vitamin C. Often considered the go-to option for skin brightening, Vitamin C inhibits the development of pigmentation. Therefore, with frequent use over time, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can make a world of difference in taking care of those spots on your skin.

4). Sunscreen

This might sound like a cliché, but the fact is that the shortest route to achieving a bright, glowing, and healthy complexion is to make sure that you protect your skin from those damaging UV rays. And you know what that calls for, right? Use sunscreen, yes, every day, no matter what. Using sunscreen daily may even help reduce the effects of aging on your skin – talk about a miracle product!

5). Moisturiser

Dry skin doesn’t help in maintaining a healthy complexion. A moisturiser can go a long way in making sure that your skin is always dewy and glowing. Moisturisers contain hydrating ingredients that will keep dry skin at bay and bring back that beautiful bright glow. Moisturisers for normal and dry skin can reinforce your skin’s natural barrier and allow it to retain moisture better, as well as oils particularly oils rich in linoleic acid such as argan oil.

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